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James Hunt

Door Director, Huntsville Highlands Youth for Christ
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James is a newbie to YFC, having just been hired as Director of The Door in Huntsville this past November. His background includes Pastoral Intern/Youth Ministry Director/Worship Team member & all ’round Minion at his home church, church-planter training through Missiochurch, and several years of serving local youth through a variety of volunteer activities. James has also launched an innovative multi-media approach to fundraising which so far has led to exciting results.

“This is exactly what God has been building me towards. I’m excited by this new opportunity to serve both God and Huntsville’s at risk youth, mainly because I was one of those kids. I spent my teen years running the streets of Huntsville and I made a lot of bad lifestyle choices. Those choices led to a very troubled and painful adulthood until a few years ago when God grabbed a hold of me and turned my life around. Now I have the chance to share my experiences with the street kids of today – to speak some wisdom and compassion into their lives. I love these kids because I see myself in them. My dream is to help steer them away from making the same mistakes that I did. I want to show them that they have the ability to shape better futures for themselves. And I intend to do this through modelling God’s love in a very real and practical way.”

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