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Chad Sheridan

Angus Door Director Highlands Youth for Christ
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The Lord has been leading me to Highland YFC’s Door Youth Centre in Angus for quite some time now. From the age of 13 or 14 through to my mid to late 20’s I was in full rebellion against the Church, and made nothing but poor and destructive decisions.  This led to a lot of burnt bridges and hurt people, including myself.  Since returning to Christ, and experiencing what it is to truly come to know Him, I have experienced a sense of peace and happiness that I never thought possible. I have felt deeply burdened with sharing the wisdom, peace and love that God provides with youth that may be at risk of going down similar roads.  I believe God intends to use my experiences to help me connect with these kids and guide them in such a way as to avoid the pain and struggles, so that they can have a better and brighter and more fulfilling life through knowing Him.


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