Don Laverty Memorial Golf Challenge Registration

Weekly Schedule:

Tuesday – StreetLevel Patrol – 8:00pm-11:00pm

Wednesday – ODSS Alt Ed Cooking – 12:30pm

Wednesday – Doorpost & #Love Your Selfie Girls Group – 3:00pm –  6:00pm

Beach Trip - July 2014

Thursday – ODSS Alternative Education – 12:30pm

Thursday – StreetLevel Patrol – 8:00pm-11:00pm

Friday – Drama Club – 3:15pm


Friday – Drop-in @ The Door Youth Centre 7:00pm-10:00pm for ages 13-18

Saturday – Drop-in @ The Door Youth Centre 7:00pm-10:00pm for ages 13-18


Contact The Door Youth Centre – 519-938-8031 for more info or visit our centre at 9 Centre Street, Orangeville.

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If you have old electronic items that you would like to dispose of, we can take them! This fundraiser pays us by weight, so we will take all of your old computers, monitors, printers/copiers, phones, audio/video devices, etc. Please drop them off at the back of the building in the blue sea container. If the door is locked, you are welcome to leave the items on the ground beside the container.


Hiking Trip - July 2014

Hiking Trip – July 


FREE Hot Dog Day – September

GOLFATHON Fundraiser – Fall

Barn Masquerade – October

Volunteer Training – November

PD Day Event – Fall

Christmas Party

New Years Eve Party

Southbound to Florida – March Break

Canada’s Wonderland – June

Large-size Angry Birds @ Daycamp

Large-size Angry Birds @ Daycamp

Extreme Zone Summer Day Camp for Jr High Youth

Weekly Summer Trips and Events

CampFire – 4 Days in August